About Us

Our mission 

Try Kind was founded on three pillars of compassion and kindness for the earth, animals and humanity. 

Our mission is to educate and inspire more kindness to yourself and in the world. 

We are a for profit organization and we support our mission through coaching services. the sale of products and your support of our Patreon page. This allows us to spread the message of kindness to more people locally and globally.  We appreciate your support. 

Our Founder

Raised in Long Island, New York, Frank has always identified as a sensitive and caring soul. No stranger to adversity, Frank survived complicated brain surgery caused by a then unknown birth defect at age 20. A defining moment in his life, Frank spent the following year and a half in recovery.  During that time, he started to change his perspective, see life differently, practice meditation, as well as gratitude.

Frank has a bachelors degree in English literature and creative writing, as well as a minor in philosophy. He took his first meditation course from an eastern philosophy instructor and that planted a seed of curiosity and desire to be mindful. 


Frank has worked in sales and recruitment, however, he found a true calling in using his knowledge to help inspire and educate when he formed Try Kind in 2018.  

Over six years ago Frank made major shifts in his life by becoming vegan and ran his first marathon after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He currently lives in Florida with his wife and three rescue dogs.