On Effective Leadership



Let’s Combine Power with Kindness, Insight, and Emotional Intelligence.

Power intoxicates and often corrupts even the most benevolent souls.  Effective leadership requires an individual who can remain aware of this influence.  We are biological creatures that are wired for survival and often at the mercy of our primal instincts.  As someone who commands great responsibility, the more you are self-aware of your ego and emotions, the more you will remain sensible, wise, and in tune with needs of your group and people.

Power without benevolence and intellect reminds me of a sailing ship without a rutter, strong, powerful, but misguided and whimsical.  Great leaders are great minds.  They see a vast array of perspectives and are humble enough to listen to a team of specialists, experts, and innovators.  Exceptional leaders build brilliant and benevolent teams around them who will challenge and provide insight that one person could never accomplish alone.

Every member of the Leader’s team must also be self-aware and able to carry the responsibility of their position.  The term: “you are only as good as your weakest link” is accurate.  One decision from the leader or a person of influence can corrupt the entire organization.  The more power the leader has, the more damage they can cause.  Conversely, the more benefit they can share to the country, corporation, or any group that they command.

Without successful decision making and a kind centered sense of reason, you cannot build a great team and lead from a powerful perspective for the greatest good.  Be empathetic and keep your ego in check.  Humans are vulnerable to the influence of lust, fear, and the stroking of the ego by self-serving influencers.  I am not talking about a perfect being, but someone who more than often carries these traits.

“I was wrong, and you were right”.  This statement has great value for anyone, but leaders especially.  The dynamics of your team requires the ability to listen and realize you are wrong.  One of your experts may provide a better solution or point out an error in policy.  They are doing their job and egos must be kept in check or the team will not realize their true potential.

If you lead a nation, you must be required to have a track record of good decision making and effective management skills.  Corruption spills down from the top and seeps up from the bottom, hence the importance of an ethically solid team.  Ethics are essential on every level. 

The more ethical and benevolent leaders in the world, the kinder, happier, and homeostatic our world will be:

"With great power there must also come great responsibility"—or simply "With great power comes great responsibility"—alternatively known as the Peter Parker principle, is a proverb popularized by the Spider-Man comic books written by Stan Lee. 


Frank L Perrulli
September 15, 2021