Nurture and develop your moral compass so that it will be formidable when you have developed great resources and strength and power.

When given power and resources, human character either grows towards the light or stoops low, deep into dark realms.

Are you going to use your influence and power to help others and initiate positive change?
Are you going to serve yourself and climb over the shoulders and heads of others, making sure that you push them down as you raise yourself up?

Having an ethical core, knowing what is kind versus what is cruel, will determined whether you are aligned with decency or malignancy. #success #Decency

Anyone can get sidetracked without a good moral compass.

How will you use your newfound power and influence, money and position? #moralcompass #influence #initiate #power

Whether you are a thousandaire or a billionaire, if your core beliefs are solid, you will treat others with respect and empathy regardless.

You have to care about your nature, whether you want to evolve in a positive way, or descend Into the pit of greed and oppression.

It seems that the business world is full of users and abusers, opportunists and manipulators.

Don’t be that person. Respect others and develop your character as you develop your business sense and raise others up with you on the way to success. Bring as many people as you can with you and teach them. Influence them in positive ways. Be that kind of influencer. That is true success. #kindness #empathy #respect #positiv