How Does Mindfulness Benefit You?

Whether you are an overthinker, suffer from anxiety, or have any challenge that is born or exists primarily in your thoughts, mindfulness benefits you.  Many humans cannot resist the temptation to worry about what may happen and stress about what already did.   A mindful practice overrides these tendencies and helps you live in the now.

An excellent first step to learning how to live a mindful life is to practice meditation.  There are many types of meditation to chose from.  Try as many as you can and decide which benefit you most.  I use an assortment of methods and practice them based upon each situation.

Some styles of meditation include Movement Meditation, Mindful Breathing, Loving Kindness, box or 444 breathing, Guided Meditation, and Mantra Meditation.  I recommend taking a course online or in person to learn and establish a foundation that will be your course best practice. 

Being mindful overall is a healthy way to live.  When you are aware of the present moment and utilizing all your senses to understand your experiences better, you derive maxim benefit.  Imagine playing golf or painting.  The more you focus and give all your attention to the task, the more likely you are to obtain great results.  We should all desire to extract the greatest experiences from as many moments in our lives.  Of course, you cannot always live the ideal mindful life, but having a plan and being aware of when you get lost in thoughts and emotions will empower you to correct your course and get back into the now.  A great opportunity to be mindful is when you are doing the dishes, folding clothing, or anything repetitive that does not require complex thought to complete.    Buddhist Monks has practiced walking Meditation for centuries.

If you have challenges focusing for extended amounts of time, investigate Movement Meditation or box breathing.  Guided meditations will also keep you on track easier.  When you establish a healthy meditation habit and practice consistently, your mindful practice will flourish.