Getting back into health and wellness routines



Many of us develop workout routines and stick to it for a while, until life gets busy and stressful.  Somehow, we put off that one run or workout and suddenly we have stopped completely.  It happens.  Do not hate yourself or beat yourself up.  Getting back into a fitness routine is a positive opportunity to improve your quality of life.

Recently, I found myself in this very situation.  I felt frustrated and upset with myself and slowly my energy dropped as my belly grew.  My desire to get back into the game was always there, but I felt stressed and overwhelmed at the thought as if a huge block of inertia was holding me down.

My routine of meditating daily remained intact.  I walked my dogs every day. That provided a core foundation for my mental health.  For me, however, the longer that I did not exercise, the lower my energy dropped.  I wanted to start training again but felt drained and tired. 

Something must inspire me.  I needed to surround myself with positive influencers and influences.  My friend Susan and her husband James who have a podcast, have a no excuses approach to fitness.  We had just done a podcast together.  I made a verbal commitment to them that I was going to start running and lifting.  They do not hear excuses, so I knew my words were a form of accountability.  Susan trains three times a day, starting at 3am.  She eats excuses for breakfast and is a huge David Goggins Fan.  David is a no excuses and never miss a workout kind of warrior, as well as a Marine and ultra-marathoner.

Then I made an announcement on my social media.  Here is another layer of accountability.  I want to show my followers that we all can live a healthy lifestyle.  They are unknowingly motivating me and I hopefully and doing the same for them.

My wife has motivated herself to start working with a trainer and I am so proud of her.  That really inspired me.  Also, my friend who was once 400 lbs. had just run ten miles and is down to 213 lbs.  He was my old running buddy back in New York and we have inspired one another throughout the years.  This week was my turn to receive his success as my inspiration.

Finally, a social media motivator came into my tic tok thread that finalized all of my goals: @themagicbabe on tik tok  also: @realamyedwards on I.G.  She kept reminding me to write down my goals, which I did.  

Surround yourself with success and inspiration, with people who believe in your goals and share the desire to change.

It all comes down to one thing: get dressed, get your running shoes on, and get out the door.  I put on my most pumped, energy infusing songs and started my warmup.  I ran two miles at a slow and steady pace, came home, and completed a quick full body workout, pushups, dumbbells, squats.  Day one is complete.  Today is another day.  One run, one workout, one step closer to a healthier and stronger me.

Here is Susan and James' Podcast:



Frank L Perrulli

September 24, 2021