A Peaceful World Begins With a Peaceful Individual


In these times of unrest and anger, we all benefit from working on our peace within.  There is no destructive mob without angry individuals.    We are entitled to feel anger.  We also are entitled to be sources of calm and growth.  Our emotions are understandable.  When we act from emotions, however, reason and logic are lost, and unhealthy actions develop like wildfire.

Work on your self.  Own your space and energy.  Develop a better understanding of your emotions.  You make better decisions when you are calm.  When our system is charged with hormones designed to protect us from harm, our minds detour reason and go right into action.

Good decision making is always a better choice.  Sometimes revolt is called for.  Think it through, however and plan it out.  How will this action impact my life and the lives of others?  How will I feel about this tomorrow after a good night’s rest?  What is the best action for the current scenario and for tomorrow?  

Meditation helps you stay grounded in the now, in your senses.  Being present and conscious takes practice.  When you develop a mindful meditation practice, your decisions will improve.  Your actions will be healthier.  Your thoughts will be sensible and present. 

There are many ways and methods to meditate and practice mindfulness: breathing, movement, focus, and many more processes exist.   Meditation goes back thousands of years.  You do not have to adapt a religion or spiritual program to enjoy the benefits of meditation. It does not circumvent your belief system.  Breathing, existing in the now, focus, listening to a guided meditation, and being aware of your senses trains your mind not to worry about what already happened, or what might happen.  You are here and see, feel, hear, taste more accurately and thoughtfully.     Now is the only time that we can change and that really matters, for many reasons.

Anxiety and stress usually begin in a hypothetical realm.  Ground yourself in the smell of fresh cut grass or the sound of birds singing in harmony.  Notice your breath and your stomach rising and falling.  Feel the earth connect with your bare feet.  See the granular details of a red wheelbarrow.   Now your fears and worries are unable to survive because all your energy is here. 

Meditation and mindfulness are practice.  The more you do it, the better you become, and your results improve.  Just like exercise and nutrition manage wellness, so does meditation.  Mental health is anchored from what we think and feel.  We cannot control all aspects of our emotions, but we can nudge our minds in the right direction.


Frank L Perrulli

August 13, 2022